Minnesota officials continue to push for the state as a contender for an event considered as big as 10 consecutive Olympic Games.

The Minneapolis City Council approved a letter of support for “Expo 2023” on Wednesday, outlining the reasons why the city and the surrounding metro area would be an ideal place for such an event.

“The city has embraced 2023 Expo’s theme of ‘Wellness and Well Being for All,’” the letter states. “We have a long tradition of establishing  strong relationships with cities throughout the world through our Sister Cities program. Our colleges and universities have educated and been enriched by students from all corners of the globe. Many of our global students have remained in Minneapolis and the region to start companies or work for local firms.”

The letter also highlights large events hosted in the region in the past, as well as a dedication to health and wellbeing in the state.

View the letter here.

While the letter approved Wednesday shows Minneapolis’ willingness to host Expo 2023, it still needs to be approved by the full council.

Recently, a 19-member delegation returned from a trip to the ongoing World’s Fair in Milan, in an effort to find out what it takes to land such a large event. Two more delegations will travel to Milan this month before that World’s Fair concludes.

Rebecca Omastiak, KSTP  |  October 7, 2015 – 3:42 PM

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