Minnesota’s World Fair

EXPO 2023 | The Minnesota World’s Fair

Over the past century our nation hosted many World’s Fairs – in large cities like New York and San Francisco, and in dynamic regional centers like Seattle, New Orleans, Spokane, San Antonio, and Knoxville. These global gatherings became the preeminent place to introduce new technologies, unveil exquisite art and to share culture heritage. World Fairs enthralled millions with new ideas and innovations – connecting them to important global influences. Young visitors were changed forever by visions of the future that spawned generations of scientists, engineers, and artists.

Expos, as World Fairs are often called, occur every few years. Large ones are organized every five years with smaller ones in-between. In 2010, 73 million visitors came to the Shanghai EXPO and in 2012 the Yeosu Expo in Korea attracted 8 million. In 2015, tens of millions will flock to Milan, EXPO 2017 is in Kazakhstan, and Dubai will host in 2020.

Bringing the World’s Fair back to the United States

Many want the US to host World Fairs again. Some believe this could greatly enhance efforts to promote STEM, the study of science, technology, engineering and math. Cities want to capture the power of World Fairs to drive regional economic growth or to “brand” their regions to attract new residents, tourists, students and businesses. Houston has a strong team prepared to host in 2030. San Francisco’s Bay Area Council believes that hosting a World’s Fair will firmly anchor their global high tech leadership.

Bringing the 2023 World’s Fair to Minnesota

We are building a strong foundation within our community to host the 2023 World’s Fair here in Minnesota. We have the vision, organizational capacity, and welcoming culture that it takes to host such global events. And we need your help!

What it will take to host EXPO 2023 in Minnesota


Hosting an event like the World’s Fair requires dedicated, dynamic leaders with a vision of securing the greatest benefits – both short and long-term – for our entire community. A volunteer organizing committee has developed this idea over the past year and a prestigious Minnesota World’s Fair Advisory Committee is helping shape next steps. Leadership organizations, including HGA Architects and the St. Paul Riverfront Corporation are playing a significant role in advancing the idea. New partners are joining in this effort each week, and some have become part of the Advisory Group, like the honorary co-chairs Walter Mondale, Marilyn Carlson Nelson, and Arne Carlson.

Community Support

Hosting the 2023 World’s Fair will have many positive impacts, but it will take a lot of energy and careful planning to make sure all Minnesotans enjoy these benefits. We are developing a comprehensive inclusive process to involve all significant public, private, non- profit, and philanthropic organizations from the very beginning. This project will require significant resources – both financial and professional – so we will need support of all key elements of our community.

What You Can Do

If you are excited about the idea of bringing the World’s Fair back to the US we need your help. We are creating a diverse and inclusive group of partners to ensure that this project benefits all Minnesotans. If you are able to contribute your time and talents to this effort, we can put your energy to good use. For more info email mark@expo2023.info or call 612.666.0932.


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